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The Tax Calculator instantly works out:

  • Tax Deductions
  • Class 4 NI Contributions                  Self Employed

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Simple New Tax Calculator

There may be other calculators that will do this, or part of this, including the tax calculator on the HM Revenue & Customs Employer CD.

What they don’t do is allow :

Gross to Net Calculations


Net to gross calculations

Why do you need Net to Gross Calculations ?

The answer is simple. Normally we do it the other way round we pay ourselves a gross wage each month from which we deduct Tax & NI finally paying ourselves the Net amount due after these deductions.

This is what most calculators can handle. But what if we take our living money when we can i.e. when it’s available. Self employed people do not always have enough cash in the kitty to pay a full months wage on the same date every time it’s due.

So we take what we can when we can.

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 The Self Employed Tax Calculator is the Answer

and it’s FREE

Simply visit our web-site and download the calculator absolutely free.

It is then simplicity itself to use. In just a few seconds you can calculate your Tax & NI deductions whether you have the Net figure or the gross and irrespective of your Class 1 or 4 status

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Take Your Self Employed Business to the Top

Setting up or growing a small company or working as a Self Employed person has never been easy but in today’s financial climate it is even more challenging. Many small businesses will not survive. For those that flourish, however, the rewards will be enormous. Set up & Grow have everything that you need to ensure that you are up there with the winners.

Whether your new business is a trade, manufacturing company, profession or business service if you have the right knowledge and techniques you will be unstoppable.

What can Set Up and Grow do for your Small Business ?

We spend hours and hours, not to mention a considerable amount of money tracking down the best available advice and most up to the minute developments available. The sources that we explore on your behalf include:

  • Attending seminars with market and industry leaders.
  • Buying reports and white papers as soon as they come out.
  • Employing the best experts in each sector to advise and update you regularly.
  • Obtaining and testing products, services and systems of interest to the Small Business.
  • Attending Exhibitions, presentations, networking events etc. looking for anything that will make your job easier or more productive. What we don’t do !

We don’t gain income from advertising as this would weaken our ability to provide honest reviews and appraisals.

The only items that we recommend are those that we have tested ourselves and are happy to recommend because of their quality and effectiveness.

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Small and Start up Business Advice

Four Secrets for Wealth, Security and Fun

  • Search Search for and find strategies, tools and techniques to make your business profitable, secure and enjoyable.
  • Evaluate Determine which strategies will work for you supported by honest unbiased and independent appraisals.
    • In other words you want ‘ no nonsense advice
  • Learn Find out how to put wealth-creating strategies into operation. Detailed guidance through every stage of implementation.
  • Use Quickly and Simply put the selected strategies into action and monitor the results while you watch your business go from strength to strength

Why Fun ? Because a successful business is fun !

      • A struggling business is anything but

What your Small Business Needs

  • Methods and Techniques that will guarantee the success of your venture
  • Clear comparison of techniques and how effective each could be for your enterprise.
  • Information at your finger tips - with a business to run you have no time to waste.
  • In depth cost comparison of all techniques - enabling you to decide on the right course of action in your circumstances.
  • Supplier surveys – who does what, how, when and at what cost.
  • New developments – Business techniques are always changing. Keep up to date
  • Changes to statutory requirements, compliance etc – don’t be caught out.
  • Interviews with highly successful business people – find out how they did it. Audio, Video or written transcripts.

Set up and Grow’ s in depth guides provide everything that you need enabling you to develop your business, maximise profits and guarantee security.

self-employed-tax-calculator1  Get Your Free Tax Calculator Now !

Investing in your self and your Small Business

As I have already said it doesn’t matter what type of business you have there is plenty here to help you to change the future. In the same way it doesn’t matter what your background or education you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to get results.

With detailed guides you can spend all your time achieving results instead of spending hours researching the subject first. You can be your own expert.

Small Businesses are Loaded !

I know, your thinking “what the ….”  But it did get your attention.

I’m sure that we both understand that the opposite is usually the case.

If only your enterprise could afford the services of a dozen experts to sort everything out. That would ensure a bright and rosy future but just when the business needs these services the most is the time when it can afford them least.

No matter, you can still get the results that you want using the Set up & Grow guides plus just a little of your precious time.

 Independent  Evaluation

Don’t believe everything that you read !

As you will no doubt notice Set up & Grow’s web site contains ‘ NO ADVERTS’.

In order to bring you truly independent reports we do not carry advertisements. Many other sites that carry promotional items find that they are compromised when it comes to reviewing the products of one of their contributors.

Whenever we bring you a product review you can be certain that it has been conducted on your behalf and is subject to no outside influence.

Free Articles and a Full Report

There is no reason to wait a moment longer. To give your business a flying start in the race to wealth and success sign up for our FREE guest membership and take advantage of a full report and many smaller articles.

Forget 2009 “it was rubbish” for the Small Business.

Yes for most entrepreneurs it was a year well worth forgetting. Official figures show that 19 % of SME’s ( Small to  Medium sized Enterprises ) have not recorded a profit since the second quarter of 2008 and 55% have not been profitable at all in 2009.

Look to the Future

But don’t despair 2009 has all but gone and 2010 has the makings of a far better year. However, it won’t happen on its own. As the owner of a business startup or existing small business it will be up to you ensure that you take advantage of coming opportunities.

self-employed-tax-calculator1  Get Your Free Self Employed Tax Calculator Now !

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